Serge Janouin-Benanti

Killer Doctors

Version française

The True Crimes of Dr. Petiot & Other Murderous Physicians

Some doctors are powerfully motivated by human passions/strong>: love, jealousy, gambling, money, desire… Some are serial killers, like Dr. Holmes and the hundreds of victims of his castle of torture. Some doctors are vengeful, mad, sadistic…

Killer Doctors examines thirteen portraits of physicians who, forgetting their Hippocratic oath, kill their patients, their friends, even their colleagues. Imaginative and sophisticated, they utilize poisons, gas, injections, pistols, scalpels to achieve their ends. So many unforgiving weapons…

Dive into the minds of these unusual murderers with a guide, an expert in medicine and criminality! From cell number 7 in section 7 of La Santé Prison, where he awaits his execution, Dr. Petiot recounts their lives in great detail, analyzing each case with his sharp and ruthless intellect.

A mind-blowing book.