Serge Janouin-Benanti

The Evil Bailiff

Version française

13 Crimes in Aquitaine

Thirteen incredible true crime stories sourced from the archives of the Aquitaine region of France in which you’ll encounter tales of:

  • The fabulous treasure accumulated by the swindler Adèle Barreau
  • A triple murder at Talence by Ollé, the treasurer of Saint-Augustin
  • The evil bailiff Jean Fayolle, who filled fake prescriptions in all the pharmacies of Bordeaux in order to kill his wife
  • In Agen, Pierre Delafet’s unbelievable killing spree, resulting in 6 deaths
  • The all-consuming passion of the Chaumont sisters in Pessac
  • Désirée Chaslot who poisoned people from Château-Gontier to Bordeaux
  • In Libourne, Paulette Bonnemaison, who fired at point blank range on a wine merchant from Saint-Émilion
  • Pierre Forgeaud who killed in order to shower the bewitching Marguerite Marionneau with gifts but who later had a crisis of conscience and gave it all to the poor
  • A Machiavellian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jantyin Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
  • The wealthy Marie Bobin dying in quarantine at Trompeloup
  • The formidable Spanish outlaws, Recassens, Benito et Casals who died shouting: “Long live anarchy!”
  • Jean Fradon, “the animal” of Saint-Savin who whistled as he was brought to the guillotine
  • And to top it all off, an account of a very strange session at the third quarter Court of Assizes.
Full of exciting true stories, the talented Serge Janouin-Benanti again unearths some of the most incredible crimes in the history of France.