Cruel tales and strangely truthful Version française

Short stories on great french criminal cases

Criminal cases, in that they reveal the blackest and most unexpected aspects of human beings, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for novelists and short-stories writers.

The works we are spoken here are not journalistic narratives of established facts or judicious commentaries by jurists. These are works that might have been believed to be pure fiction if the authors had not revealed to us that not only they had started from real facts - which most novelists do – but over and above, they have forced themselves not to come out of the established facts.

This approach offers two advantages:

Obviously, each short-story requires a long documentary work. For a book, these are tons of documents that are brewed. However, at the end, nothing of this work should appear. There are only stories to be enjoyed.

Below you will find a list of these short stories, Cruel tales and strangely truthful: