Viviane Janouin-Benanti

Henri Pranzini

Version française

The splendid darling

Here is the true story of the incredible life of Henri Pranzini and Marie Regnault, known as Régine de Montille…

Régine de Montille crossed the strong moments of the French history of the 19th century.

Under Napoleon III, she will develop a passion for the republicans cause at the Victor Noir's burial. She will fight against the Versailles government, while taking part in the Commune of Paris with Clemenceau and Louise Michel. On the bombarded height of Issy-les-Moulineaux, she will take care of the wounded.

At the time of a stay in Bavaria, she will dream to be loved by king Louis II. Famous men will become infatuated with her, until she falls in love with Pranzini.

Henri Pranzini was native of Alexandria in Egypt. Eastern seducer with languorous eyes, brilliant student, he knew eight languages. He attended the inauguration of Suez Canal. Adventurer, soldier, he entered the Army of the Indies and made the war in Afghanistan. He offered a time his services to the Russians, then went to fight in Sudan with the English.

Trafficker, man of action, Pranzini will always cross the continents to be in the lookout for the deal of the century. Punter, gambler, ladykiller, this "splendid darling" will collect the female loves, until his meeting in Paris with the rich and famous Régine de Montille…

Then, when the assassin and his victim cross, will start a criminal case.

This palpitating narrative, a true thriller, is written in a limpid way. The book finishes with the Assize court trial, then the guillotine.

St. Teresa of Lisieux prayed a great deal for the salvation of Pranzini. The fulfillment of his prayers had a great influence on his faith and commitment. St. Teresa said of Pranzini that he was his first child.

Impassioned by true stories, Viviane Janouin-Benanti gives life again to these exceptional destinies.