Viviane Janouin-Benanti

The assassin was a child

Version française

François 12 years old

François, Pierre Le Lin, 12 years old. Still a child, even not an adolescent...

The crime of a child is exceptional. How does a child become an assassin? And why? Does he have bad parents? Is he ill bred? Is he insensitive or too sensitive? Yes or not, is he basically malicious or is it an accident? So many questions which challenge us.

This fascinating novel takes as a starting point a criminal case which shook the opinion and confused Brittany. Pages after pages, we see the child preparing his crime; becoming a criminal. A breathless retrospective... François's behaviour sends cold shivers down your spine. At the end of the book, during the trial, the judges try to understand, distressed to have to judge a child who could be their son.

François, a child like the others, but stimulated by an adult's passion with the jealousy which goes with.

Viviane Janouin-Benanti, bald style novelist, guide us between the Good and the Evil, thanks to a magic alchemy between psychological analysis and right words...

A splendid story.